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3% of Washington DC has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS! News Team

Back in the 1990’s social scientists who predicted the rise of AIDS among American blacks were denounced as “racists.” Now their predictions have come true.

Washington DC, which is 55% black, has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the industrialized world. Experts say Washington DC is on par with Uganda.

3% of the population of Washington DC has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Over 80% of the people diagnosed are black.

This means that 4.4% of all blacks in Washington DC have been diagnosed with AIDS! For every 23 blacks you see in DC, one has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

However, previous studies by the CDC have shown that blacks are also far more likely to have the disease and not be diagnosed than other racial groups.

The total percentage of blacks in Washington DC who have the disease, whether they have been diagnosed or not, would be about 6% or higher. That means for every 17 blacks you see in Washington DC, one or more has HIV/AIDS.

Numerous CDC studies show that gay black men are over 4 times more likely to be diagnosed as gay white men. Black men claiming to be exclusively heterosexual are over 14 times more likely to be diagnosed than white heterosexual men. However, a large percentage of black men claiming to be “heterosexual” have engaged in homosexual acts in prisons and jails.

Black women are over 21 times more likely to have been diagnosed than white women.

One CDC study in Atlanta suggests that blacks are twice as likely to have AID/HIV and not be diagnosed as whites!