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Asleep at the wheel, Bush's role in the mortgage crisis. News Team

When Bush was elected, one of the official planks of the Republican party was to end affirmative action. However, Bush not only didn’t do anything to stop affirmative action, he ordered the acceleration of affirmative action race based mortgage lending promoted by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Listen to this moronic speech by Bush. Remember, that under Obama’s mortgage bailout plan, it is Fannie & Freddy who are slated to receive $200 Billion of the taxpayers dollars to pay for the interest on loans that are failing.

At the same time Bush gave this speech, House Republicans were predicting the current mortgage crisis and trying to clamp down on Fannie & Freddie. They were attacked by Democrats, especially the Black Caucus, every time.

[youtube MqR15H0gNBU]