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Assembly of God district leader declares Obama appointed by God. News Team

Assembly of God Ohio District Council Superintendent Rev. John Wooton declared that Obama is appointed by God.

There are 61 District Councils in the Assembly of God church.

Wooton authored the following absurd message which is being distributed at Assembly of God churches in his Ohio district. Click Here to read full message in pdf format.

Wooton claims that based on Romans 13:1-4 the following is true.

– Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God. (v 1)

– Christians should lead the way in supporting Barack Obama’s presidency. (v 2)

– Barack Obama’s presidency can be a force for good and a deterrent against evil. (v 3)

– As president, Barack Obama is God’s minister to you for good. (v 4)

Ohio District Council leadership.

Obama is the new divinity in the cult of multi-culturalism.