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"Messenger of Humanity" Elie Wiesel called a fraud in Hungarian paper.

For decades, Elie Wiesel has marketed himself as a “holocaust survivor” who commands exorbitant speaking fees for telling stories about his alleged experiences in various concentration camps. Now a major newspaper in Hungary has published a story by Mikos Gruner, a Hungarian Jew who was rescued by American forces along side a Lazar Wiesel. Elie claims to be this Lazar. Gruner says he is not.

Gruner claims Wiesel stole the identity of a real camp inmate and may have even stolen the story for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize. Gruner has been trying to tell the world that Elie is a fraud since 1986.

Lazar is pictured in a famous photo of inmates liberated by US forces at Buchenwald.

Elie Wiesel has his own left-wing non-profit foundation. The foundation claims to have lost 15 million dollars to Bernie Madoff. Wiesel also claims to have lost much of his personnel fortune to Madoff as well.

Read about it here.

Original article in Hungarian.