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AZ House committee holds meetings on state sovereignty hearing. News Team


South Carolina – A SC Senate subcommittee voted 4-1 today to send S. 424 declaring sovereignty under the 10th Admendment to the Senate Judiciary committee.

Arizona – On February 17th, the AZ House Government Committee held a hearing on a 10th Amendment state sovereignty resolution. The resolution, HCR 2024 passes the committee 6-3!

[youtube bj57RUqRr6w]

Montana –Rep. Joel Boniek of Montana discusses Montana bill to make Montana residents exempt from Federal gun law.

Note: At the beginning of the video, the host talks about a planned Iowa National Guard drill to rehearse a door to door gun confiscation in an urban area. Immediately there was a massive public outcry and the Iowa National Guard canceled the drill. Read Article.

[youtube JKBn6BQEQJE]