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Black and Hispanic teenagers killing each other with increasing enthusiasm. Media blames guns. News Team

Is it really a gun problem?

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the number one fear of Chicago public school students is being shot. Chicago is about 70% black and Hispanic, while the public schools are nearly 100% black and Hispanic.

A staggering 25 Chicago public school students have been murdered this year! However this is winter, the slow season. The rate of students killed goes up in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. In fact, about one student per day has been murdered over the past 16 months. A shocking total of 508!

508 Chicago Public School Students Murdered in 16 Months.

Students Greatest Fear.

Of course most of the media blames guns and doesn’t like to even mention race. No one in the “mainstream” media even points out that Chicago has some of the most draconian anti-gun laws in the entire nation.

In Chicago, all firearms must be registered with the police department. Only handguns owned since 1982 can be registered, effectively banning handguns in the city. Chicago has vowed to continue the ban despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that overruled a similar ban in Washington DC. Illinois has a state wide 72 hour waiting period. Illinois is one of only two states in the entire nation that do not allow concealed carry of any kind for any reason.