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Blacks in Oakland celebrate racially motivated murder of four white police officers. News Team

San Francisco Area Black Newspaper praises killing of four white police officers. Calls the killer one of the “heroes in the human rights struggle for Black people in America.”

The slaughter took place in the Bay Area, the same vicinity as the 1973-1974 “Zebra Killings.” The Zebra Killers and Nat Turner’s band who killed 60 white people in 1831, are among the most prolific serial killers in US history.

The Zebra Killings were carried out by a Nation of Islam splinter group, known as the “Black Angels of Death.” They awarded points to members for the number of whites killed. The exact number of victims is unknown, but many police officials have put the number at 72.

From View from the Right.

A friend in law enforcement in the Bay Area wrote me,

There were massive parties all over Oakland celebrating the shooting that night. During the interviews on TV there were 20 or 30 people in the background screaming “F*** the police!” and “They got what they deserved!” It was everything the officers could do to restrain themselves.

Bay View, a radical rag which calls itself a “National Black Newspaper,” celebrates the mass murder as “what some in the Black community see as a day of heroic resistance against the police,” under the headline, “Police 2, Oakland residents 4.”

A columnist for the paper, Jean Damu, writes, “When the full story is finally told and, though not likely freely admitted by many, deep within the spiritual thinking of numerous African Americans, an emotional candle will be lit in memory of Lovelle Mixon.”

How many within the black community resonate to these views? More than complacent whites would like to believe, I suspect.

The behavior of blacks in Oakland mimics that of blacks in St. Louis when a black spree killer murdered two cops, three Kirkwood City council members, and the mayor. The killer’s family members defended him on the news and many local blacks openly celebrated the murders.