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Black middle school hires gangster rapper, Gorilla Zoe, to be motivational speaker! News Team

Photo Right: Principal Benita Noiel-Ashford of Pearl C. Anderson Middle Learning Center. According to, the middle school is 75% black and 25% Hispanic.

Pearl C. Anderson used taxpayer money to hire a gangster rapper to be a motivational speaker. Each 6th, 7th, and 8th grader got to take home a poster of Gorilla Zoe smoking and drinking in front of a pile of money and a handgun.

Watch video from Dallas news.

Here is one of Gorilla Zoe’s actual hit songs. The song is about doing cocaine, doing club drugs, and getting drunk. The lyrics are a barely intelligible pseudo-English and the word “nigger” is used profusely.
[youtube 0xU1M-MdH5c]