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Blacks march in Oakland to celebrate cop killer. News Team

Black marchers call Mixon a symbol of resistance against the white “slave masters.”

About 100 blacks marched in Oakland to celebrate Mixon who killed four white police officers. The marchers denounced the police and white people in general.

The mother of Mixon joined the marchers, wearing a homemade t-shirt bearing the likeness of her career criminal son.

Lolo, who described herself as Mixon’s cousin, spoke to the crowd when the march ended. She said, “He needs sympathy too. He is a true hero, a soldier.”

Mixon is also the prime suspect in another murder and linked by DNA to the rape of a 12 year old girl. Mixon spent much of his adult life in prison.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, many black bystanders expressed support for the marchers.

A group called Uhuru claimed responsibility for the march and issued an anti-police and anti-white diatribe.

[youtube e6QKcARdl2w]