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Brazil to build "reverse" medieval wall around Rio de Janeiro slums. News Team

Hypocrite alert! Brazilian president showboats by attacking white people, but it is obvious that he wouldn’t want to live near black people.

Photo Right: The so-called Brazilian “fevela.” These shantytowns sprung up in 1888 when Brazil freed their Negro slaves.

Once upon a time, cities built vast walls to keep barbarians out. Brazil wants to build a wall to contain the barbarians.

Just days after Brazilian president blamed “blue eyed white people” for the global financial crisis and claimed to be the champion of the black and Indigenous, we see his true colors.

Brazil is planning to build seven miles of concrete wall around 19 different slums on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Construction crews have already started building the wall around Morro Dona Marta, a shantytown that was the scene of a major drug war last year.