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Brazilian President Blames "Blue Eyed Whites" for Economic Crisis. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

In 1920 political scientist Theodore Lothrop Stoddard published the book, “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy.” The book was a major commercial success. Today the book is denounced as a famous example of “racist” literature, and Stoddard is called a “Nazi” even though he opposed the Nazi regime and actually defended European Jews in his famous book.

One thing that the left won’t ever do is give any kind of specific reason why Stoddard was wrong. All of the attacks are crude name calling and historical fabrications.

Stoddard described a future in which the colored races would unite against white people. Today we see just that and the recent comments by the Brazilian president are a perfect example.

The president of Brazil, himself of mixed Portuguese and Indigenous ancestry, launched an attack against “blue eyed white people” for hurting the economy and “disproportionately hurting the black and Indigenous people.”

In Brazil, lighter skinned Mestizo and Mulatto persons who are more successful in life than the average dark skinned Negro or Indigenous Brazilian are usually called “white” by the Negro and Indigenous populations. This is different than the American phenomenon where people who are of majority Caucasian ancestry are among the accepted leaders of Black and Chicano/Hispanic organizations.

For example, American blacks proudly boast that Gov. David Paterson is a fellow “African American.” The same Paterson would be rejected by the Afro-Brazilian community as a “white man.” This is especially true if Paterson was a politician or any part of the middle or upper class in Brazil.

The phenomenon probably comes from the fact that while America is 13% Negro, Brazil is about one third Negro.

So we see the president of Brazil not only attack whites, but “blue eyed whites.” That is to distance himself from the white race, since many Indigenous Brazilians would consider him a white man.

An alliance is forming in South America largely based on a hatred of white people. The alliance of Venezuela and Bolivia can be called an anti-US alliance, but when you examine the rhetoric of their leaders you will see that they basically are just anti-white. has reported in the past that the current conflict and secessionist movements in Bolivia is almost entirely based on race.

Now Brazilian president Lula de Silva wants in on the action and is trying to build up his cred among his darker constituents.

Photo Bottom Right: de Silva with blue eyed whitey Bono. White leftists are constantly condescending de Silva’s style of radicalism.

Photo Bottom Left: As de Silva builds his alliance with Hugo Chavez, he is building his credibility in Brazil as a crusader against white people.