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Black thugs battle it out in High School Cafeteria. Based on first and last names of those arrested, the fight appears to have been between American Negroes and Haitian Negroes. But CBS station shows photo implying the combatants were white.

A brutal riot tore through the cafeteria of the Ramapo High School in Spring Valley, New York. Several students were sent to the hospital and 13 were arrested. Spring Valley has the second largest black population in the county and the largest Haitian population. Spring Valley was once a thriving Jewish community. It has ten Synagogues and a local Holocaust museum, however much of the original Jewish population has fled the new arrivals.

The school is listed as 64% black, 16% Hispanic, and 10% White, and 9% Asian. Deputy Superintendent Joe Farmer said the combatants were “gang-types,” a code word for blacks. A security camera captured footage of 25 students fighting each other, but the video was not released to the public.

Yet this is the picture used by CBS affiliate wcbstv:

A white fist.

However, the Hudson Journal News lists the thugs arrested as follows:

Charged with second-degree riot, reckless endangerment and inciting to riot, all misdemeanors, was:
– Jepthe Louis-Juste, 18, of Spring Valley. (Common Haitian Surname)
Charged with second-degree riot and reckless endangerment, both misdemeanors, were:
– Dudley Bogard, 18, Spring Valley.
– Jean E. Dorvil, 18, Spring Valley. (Common Haitian Surname)
– Tyriek M. Skyfield, 16, of Spring Valley.
– Marvin Paul, 16, of Spring Valley.
– Lundi Wilchalson, 18, of Spring Valley.
Charged only with second-degree riot, a misdemeanor, were:
– Cyrin Samder, 18, of Spring Valley.
– Taequan McMillan, 16, of Spring Valley.
– Omar Hardware, 17, of Spring Valley.
– Carl Hans Delinois, 17, of Spring Valley. (Common Haitian Surname)
– Dorley Dorvil, 17, of Spring Valley. (Common Haitian Surname)
– Korel Joseph, 16, of Spring Valley.
Also, an unidentified 15-year-old Spring Valley boy will be charged in Family Court with riot and reckless endangerment.

Are we supposed to believe that the people listed above were part of the 10% of the student body that is white? Not a chance. It is obvious that the combatants were American Negroes and Haitian Negroes. Violent riots between groups of Negroes of different origin are extremely common in public schools. This coverage by WCBTV is tantamount to slander against the few white students that have the misfortune to attend this violent out of control government school.

By the way! According to, this High School scores a 1 out of 10, the lowest score. However, per pupil spending is 41% higher than the New York state average! The people of New York who actually pay the taxes should be outraged!