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Democrats seek total control over food supply. Small farms & markets to suffer. News Team

Photo: Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT, the ringleader. Aren’t left-wing women beautiful?

How can the Federal government make you really powerless, subservient, and control every aspect of your life. I mean really, really powerless. Make it illegal to even grow a tomato in your own private backyard!

This is exactly what 40 Democrats in the House of Representatives want. Their aim is to create a monopoly for a handful of mega-agribusinesses. In fact, the bill was introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro D-CT whose husband Stanley Greenburg is a political consultant for Monsanto! These Democrats receive millions from a handful of agribusiness giants and want to reward these companies by wiping out small farms and farmers markets! In fact, the language Democrats are using is so broad and so vague that they could easily apply it to the tomatoes in your own private backyard.

HR 875 was introduced into congress on February 4th. The bill has 40 sponsors, all Democrats. Click Here.

The bill would radically expand the powers of the Federal government over every aspect of the food supply. It also puts unfunded mandates on the individual states to carry out new Federal regulations. Of course the number one source of food contamination, illegal aliens with foreign diseases working in the food industry, would not be hampered by the bill. The new federal agency the bill would create would solely exist to spend money, create paperwork, and control the lives of innocent taxpaying citizens.

The obvious purpose of the bill is to help corporate mega-farms, while critics say the bill’s new regulations would cripple and wipe out certified organic farms, small farms, family farms, farmers market, and even criminalize backyard gardens. The bill authorizes fines as high a $1,000,000 per day.

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