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Does Barack Obama trust actual black people? News Team

Is Obama keepin’ it real?

Top Left: Lisa Perez Jackson. The White House calls her the “first African American EPA Administrator, despite having no noticeable Negro traits. Jackson appears to be of mixed Indigenous South American and Caucasian ancestry.

Top Right: Another White House “African American first.” Susan Rice, who appears to have more Caucasian ancestry than Negro ancestry. In fact, Obama looks pretty dark compared to her. Rice has so much Caucasian ancestry that she looks more like a Brahmani from Indian than a Negro.

Bottom Left: Eric Holder. Once again another White House “African American first.” Eric Holder appears to have more Caucasian ancestry than Negro.

Bottom Right: Ron Kirk. Obama’s only “African American” that appears to be of majority Negro ancestry.

There are 21 cabinet level positions, and Obama has filled 20. Despite the fact that blacks make up 13% of the US population, Obama has filled 4 seats, or 20%, with people the White House is classifying as “African America.” Of these, only one appears to be of majority Negro ancestry.

Liberals should ask themselves why Obama picked only one real black person to his cabinet. Obama picked three Asians. They account for 15% of his current cabinet, making them far more overrepresented than blacks.

Obama has also picked at least three Jewish cabinet level members. 15% of his current cabinet, even though Jews only account for about three percent of the general population.

Of course white Christians are greatly underrepresented, but you expected that right?