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Big meeting in Mentone, California. News Team

Did the Civil Rights Act cause an increase in white crime? Does the media glorification of black “ghetto culture” rub off on impressionable young whites and influence them to commit crime?

A Special Event Sponsored by the Southern California Friends of American Renaissance and Council of Conservative Citizens.

You can’t afford to miss this exciting and insightful lecture on race and crime!

“How Blacks stimulate Whites to commit increased White-on-White crime.”
(By a special guest speaker and founding member of Citizen Action Against Crime)

Sunday April 5th
Reception and Lunch at 1:00 PM
Lecture at 2:00 followed by Q and A session

Mentone, centrally located in Southern California .

About the Lecture:

The lecture is based on the exciting new book “Religion of Macho” by Richard London and Richard Smith, a new work on race which shows how white exposure to blacks causes increased white on white crime, the book will also be available for purchase at a special discount price that day only.

For more information about the book and writing samples please visit:

“This book completely dispels the notion that we gain strength from racial diversity, on the contrary, integration has been one of the biggest disasters in American history. Religion of Macho exposes the dangerous and irrational religious nature of the liberal cult of racial equality.

I found the book incredibly convincing and I would urge everyone to read it.. I know of no other book which documents how blacks influence white behavior causing most white on white crime and how liberal minority worship has become the new religion of the west.

Religion of Macho contains an extensive set of data and documentation proving conclusively that crime has gone up dramatically due to black civil rights agitation. With current events taking shape to create a racially charged anti-white atmosphere like never before this is a book you simply cannot afford to miss.”

– Charles Drake S. CA C of CC and Friends of Amren

For more information and to RSVP as soon as possible please e-mail please contact us immediately as space may be limited.