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Federally Mandated Race Based Loans at the Center of the Mortgage Crisis! News Team

The BOMBSHELL. Watch Video of the key players talking about forcing banks to give loans to unqualified minorities based on race. Click Here.

Major financial newspaper agrees with CofCC on mortgage crisis. Click Here.

What does the mortgage crisis mean for race relations. Click Here.

How Bush followed Carter and Clinton into affirmative action oblivion. Click Here.

Barney Frank says it is “racist” to criticize the race based mortgages that failed. Click Here.

Fannie Mae exec was gay lover of Barney Frank. Click Here.

Democrats protected Fannie & Freddie. Click Here.

Time Magazine of Global Meltdown. Click Here.

Obama ranks second in receiving funds from Fannie & Freddie. Click Here.

How the Federal Government invited the mortgage mess. Click Here.

Illegal Immigrant Home Loans. Click Here.

Watch Barney Frank & Charles Schumer declare that Fannie & Freddie are economically sound even as the giant institutions were beginning to collapse.
[youtube cMnSp4qEXNM]