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Feds/IT companies team up to stab Americans in the back. News Team

Computer companies have been laying off thousands, yet the same firms are lining up for a piece of the 65,000 H-1B guest worker visas that Homeland Security will issue on April 1st.

With America shedding over 100,000 jobs a week, most are outraged at the plans to let corporations like Microsoft replace more Americans with low paid workers from countries like India.

Microsoft is one of the most notorious and ruthless employers of H-1B foreign workers. They have been steadily laying off American workers for years, while constantly demanding increases in the H-1B visa program at the same time. Microsoft announced another round of 5,000 layoffs on Jan 22nd, 2009, but said no H-1B visa holders would be let go. By the company’s own admission, as much as 14% of Microsoft’s current labor force in the US are foreign workers with H-1B visas.

A 2007 report called Microsoft the 3rd largest employer H-1B visa holders.