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Gangster Rap movie sparks black riot at Houston area mall. News Team

According to police, certain movies bring huge violent mobs to the mall. Guess which kind of movies they are! This particular movie focuses on the lives of the two rival rap thugs pictured at right. Both were killed by gunshots, allegedly by each others’ fans.

Hundreds of “rowdy youths” (aka black people), showed up at a Houston area mall to watch a new movie about a violent gangster rapper. As one group of black patrons exited the theater and another waited to get in, between 200-300 thugs decided to start beating the crap out of each other.

From Humble Observer…

“When the movie came out, the mall and the theater knew it would attract a crowd of wanna-be gangsters, because ‘Notorious’ is a gangster movie, so they put extra people on duty,” Burkeen said. “We had extra officers there as well because we knew we’d have problems. And sure enough, they had to take everybody to the food court and chase them out. So then they started gathering outside, and in the process, several more fights broke out in the parking lot.”

Burkeen said that some of the troublemakers even fired shots into the air, merely 100 yards from where people were gathering.

“All this because of the movie and the clientele it brought out,” Burkeen said. “We can go weeks without any incidents at the mall whatsoever, but then the gangster-type movies come out once or twice a year. And the extra officers are never enough. You’ll have 13 officers or so trying to take care of 400, 500 people. You can’t arrest several hundred people.”

Burkeen said that as for criminal activity at the mall, aside from shoplifting, things are under control most of the time.

Check out this deliberate falsification in the Humble News Observer. There is no mention of race and they printed a picture of the mall from a different night that shows a group of white people waiting in line. This is tantamount to libel against white people. See article.

In the 1930’s Humble was nearly 100% white. Today it is only 55% white.