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Geert Wilders rising in Dutch polls despite persecution. News Team

Draconian anti-free speech measures have only made Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) more popular than ever.

The PVV formed in 2004 from disgruntled members of other parties who oppose the admission of Turkey into the EU.

The PVV promotes populist economics, promotes Dutch sovereignty over the EU, wants immigration reduced,  and believes immigrants must conform to Dutch culture.

The PVV received 6% in the 2006 Dutch national elections. Recent Dutch polls show that PVV is the favored party of 18% of the Netherlands.

This June, every country in the EU will have elections for European parliment members. Any party that get at least 5% of the vote in their country will get representation in the EU.

Over the past two years many European nations have been rapidly moving to the right. Center-right and right-wing parties are exspected to make huge gains in the EU this June.