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Jimmy Carter criticizes Lincoln and his brutal war. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

Former US president Jimmy Carter is a contributing author in a new book on Abraham Lincoln.

In the recent past Carter has written two books advocating peace in the Holy Land. His books have been denounced by a variety of Jewish organizations for advocating a two state solution.

His new work is being attacked for telling the truth about Abraham Lincoln. Carter rejects the term “Civil War,” and calls the war “un-Christian.” Carter also correctly suggests that slavery would have ended peacefully without war.

The New York Daily News printed an attack piece on Carter over the book written by Ira Stoll.

Ira Stoll is the former managing editor of the defunct New York Sun, managing editor of the notorious left-wing Jewish Daily Forward, and North American editor of the Jerusalem Post. Stoll calls the statements an “outrage,” “crazy,” and accuses him of supporting terrorists in Palestine.

Stoll’s comments are transparently disingenuous, because he spends half the article attacking Carter’s views on the Middle East peace process. Carter’s comments might have gone unnoticed, had Stoll not already been aggressively looking for something to attack Carter over.