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Latest Victim of Racial Slander: Queen Charlotte

As the British National Party gains in the polls, the racially psychopathic British press jumps on any rumor that can potentially damage race consciousness among White Britons.  The latest attempt to deracinate England is a smear job against poor Queen Charlotte, consort to George III. According to gossiprazzi columnist Stuart Jefferies, writing for The Guardian,  HRH Charlotte was a Mulatto.

Jeffries further cites a disinformational crank named Mario Valdes, who runs a website that wildly speculates on the number of people with Negro ancestry around the world.

The “anti-racists” in Britain know that these rumors will be swallowed as whole truth by the ignorant, hysterical Third World aliens in the country.

Jeffries clearly shows his snide bias in the article when he refers to the Royal Family as “a boring bunch of semi-inbred white stiffs.”

Take a moment to laugh, though. The “evidence” that Charlotte was part-black is based on her being “famously ugly.”