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Blacks/Leftists rally behind violent Jamaican immigrant that stabbed two people. News Team

John Bowes and Jonathan Bosse were wandering the University of Massachusetts campus intoxicated trying to find their way back to a friend’s dorm room. They tapped on the window of a student, who is a Jamaican immigrant, to ask for directions. An argument ensued, and Bowes and Bosse walked away.

Then Jason Vassell, the Jamaican, wrapped a black cloth over his face, armed himself with several weapons, and pursued the two men. Minutes later, Vassell ambushed the two men in a dorm room lobby with a clothes iron and a large folding knife.

Both victims were stabbed and required emergency medical care. The entire attack was captured on a surveillance camera.

An attorney for the violent thug says his client is an innocent victim of “a hate crime.” Left-wing radicals at the University of Massachusetts are eating it up. He claims that the two men used a racial slur that forced Vassell to defend himself by going on a violent rampage. Then he says the only reason Vassell was charged, is because the police were racist.

He wants the innocent victims charged with a “hate crime.” Campus leftists have held a rally and raised $6,000 for Vassell’s legal fees. Vassell dropped out of college and now works for his father. He faces two counts of aggravated assault.

Bowes was in fact charged with violating Vassell’s civil rights, but acquitted. He was convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct instead.

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A website called “Justice for Jason” lists a coalition of the W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies, several members of the student government, and several faculty members. However, most of the members of student government involved, including the president, are all black.

The group “Justice for Jason” ignores the video and instead invents a fantasy version that not even Vassell’s lawyer supports. In their version two huge white men smash through the window of an unsuspecting black immigrant and brutally attack him. Then after all that he is victimized by the police and the courts all over again. I think Spielberg and Eisner are in a bidding war over the movie rights.