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Major fallout over MIAC report. News Team

Left-wing Missouri Governor backpeddles, while Lt. Gov. Kinder denounces report and calls for public safety director to be put on administrative leave.

Remember the report by a government agency (which allegedly used the notorious SPLC as a source) that denounced Ron Paul supporters and people with Revolutionary War flags as “potential terrorists?” Click Here.

From Columbia Daily Tribune…

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said yesterday the head of the Missouri Department of Public Safety should be placed on administrative leave pending investigation of the report.

“You cannot unring the bell,” Kinder said of what he termed an insufficient apology from DPS Director John Britt.

Britt oversees the Missouri Information Analysis Center in Jefferson City and conceded he had not read the Feb. 20 document before it was sent out to state highway patrolmen and police departments across the state.

“What other infringements has the director overseen or what other documents might be coming out of his department unread?” Kinder asked.

The report says militia members often subscribe to fundamentalist Christian, anti-abortion or anti-immigration movements. It also says members are usually supporters of third-party presidential candidates.

The outcry prompted James Keathley, the superintendent of the highway patrol, to announce he would halt distribution of the document to law enforcement officers. In a letter released yesterday, Keathley also said he will create a process that ensures he and Britt will read all future reports before they are released.

“Had that report been reviewed by either my office or by leaders of the Department of Public Safety, it would never have been released to law enforcement agencies,” Keathley said.

Gov. Jay Nixon, who previously supported distribution of the report to law enforcement, said today he was pleased with changes to the intelligence vetting process. He said the fact that neither Keathley nor Britt read the report before it was disseminated was “simply not acceptable.”

Keathley said the militia report was created by an unnamed “MIAC employee” and reviewed only by MIAC Director Van Godsey before it was sent to law enforcement agencies across Missouri.

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