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Media finally taking notice of State Sovereignty Resolutions. News Team

The South Carolina State Senate held a public hearing this morning on its state sovereignty resolution. A version already passed the SC House.

From International Herald Tribune…

For proponents of small government, the $787 billion economic stimulus bill recently passed by Congress isn’t a life saver. It’s the last straw.

State lawmakers across the country are sponsoring resolutions — most of them only symbolic — demanding state sovereignty, in effect the right to ignore any federal law or policies they deem unconstitutional. And that includes the U.S. stimulus package.

Resolutions such as one introduced in the New Hampshire House are typically nonbinding, meaning they would not have the force of law even if approved by legislatures. Instead, they give legislators a platform to stand up for smaller government and other conservative agenda items, such as limiting gun control.

The New Hampshire House is scheduled to vote Wednesday on Republican state Rep. Daniel Itse’s state sovereignty resolution. Supporters are planning a rally at the State House before the vote.

“I think that the specter of some assaults on our liberty have become so real and immediate that there is a reaction,” Itse said.

There is public backing for the small government proponents.

In January, 22 percent of those surveyed by the Pew Research Center disapproved of the stimulus. That number rose to 34 percent in February. The survey — which polled about 1,300 respondents — has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

At least two lawmakers say they’ve received hundreds of calls from constituents supporting their resolutions. Republican state Rep. Paul Opsommer of Michigan said about 250 people have called or e-mailed to say “thank you,” whereas most of his bills draw fewer than 10 messages.

Republican state Rep. Cynthia Davis of Missouri said she’s received at least 200 supportive messages from constituents and residents in other states.

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