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Missouri "Intelligence Agency" calls supporters of Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin "potential domestic terrorists." News Team

MIAC, a group of state bureaucrats in Missouri has sent a report to all law enforcement calling those with right wing bumper stickers, as well as flags from the Revolutionary War, “potential domestic terrorists.”

The report also specifically targets supporters of US Congressman Ron Paul, former US Congressman Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin as “potential domestic terrorists.” People who oppose the Federal Reserve Bank are also targeted.

The state bureaucrats defended the report saying it comes from “publicly available trend data on the Militia movement.”This statement is absurd, as the so-called militia movement is almost completely a thing of past decades. In the report it does not even mention a single “militia” currently operating in Missouri! The only organization mentioned by name is Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party. Above all the asinine state government goons contend that militia members are white males who feel threatened by women and minorities.

The moronic report says that people who oppose gun control and/or believe that the US economy will collapse are drawn to “militia activity.”

Click here to see the report.

Rush Limbaugh talks about the report, however he incorrectly identifies Ron Paul as a 3rd Party Libertarian Candidate. Paul is a US Congressman representing the Republican party, and ran for president as a Republican. Bob Barr was the Libertarian presidential candidate, and Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution party candidate.

Rush Limbaugh also mentions two St. Louis, MO attorneys who declared themselves “Obama’s Truth Squad” and went on St. Louis television and made statements implying they would prosecute anyone for bad mouthing Obama. The St. Louis CofCC chapter made a big deal out of this and it became a national news story. Click Here.

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