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More AOL poll questions. News Team

Between 40,000 to 50,000 people answered each poll question.

Do you support raising the deficit? 74% said no!

Can Obama convince the American public it’s a good idea to raise taxes? 75% said no!

Is it wrong for governors to turn down stimulus money? 69% said no!

Should taxpayers bail out mortgages of homeowners who overextended themselves? 91% said no!

Should Roland Burris Resign? 83% said yes!

It looks like the American majority and the CofCC are on the same page.

Did you know?

Obama wants to raise premiums for elderly on Medicare. These are people who have been paying into Medicare their entire lives and are now retired.

Meanwhile, the Obama/Pelosi $636 Billion “Health Care Reform” bill would spend the majority of the money on more free Medicaid for people on welfare.

Less for people who spent their lives working for a living and paying into the Medicare fund, more free stuff for welfare recipients and illegal aliens.