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North St. Louis Suburb Being Destroyed By "Diversity" & Section 8

Read the Post Dispatch article on the destruction of Spanish Lake, Missouri here:

The article would like you to believe that the changing demographic causing the problem is youthfulness not ethnicity. The population now just has a higher percentage of youths, not that they are a different type of youth than the ones that were there 40 years ago.

Be sure to read the ever increasing number of truthful comments at the very bottom of the page. If the comments do not appear at first, try again until they do. They seem to appear only a small percent of the time, either because of high activity or general incompetence of the Post Dispatch.

I can personally vouch for the accuracy of the majority of the comments, having lived in the general area my entire life. What once was a nice somewhat rural little town during my childhood is now becoming a dangerous ghetto. To hear the reality of it you only need to listen to a police scanner for a few days and nights. Or drive through the north county area to see what is walking the streets and loitering around the apartments. Look at the closed stores and restaurants. While driving you will notice that the majority of the new residents have little regard for speed limits, stop signs or other traffic laws that are beyond their comprehension. You may also be a victim of increasing auto thefts and other crimes.

Nearby there is a flood plain farm area between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers at their confluence. When there was major flooding there in the past, those white residents sought temporary housing in  Spanish Lake and nearby north St. Louis Co. apartments. Every one had stories of hellacious conditions while in those apartments. Intimidation, threats, fear for the safety of their wives and children, loud ghetto “music” and other noise, vulgarity, drugs, vandalism to their vehicles, etc. Everything that makes diversity so great. They could not wait to get back to their flood damaged homes. Mud, mildew, the stench of water logged carpets and furniture, and the mosquitos were preferable to life with “multiculturalism”.

In the event that the Post Dispatch makes the comments unavailable for being too truthful, they are available at the St. Louis Chapter CofCC website.