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Obama calls for more federal control and funding of schools. News Team

For the past sixty years the Federal government has been destroying public schools. Obama says the solution is even more Federal intervention with ominous phrase “cradle to career.”

Obama says he will expand “No Child Left Behind” and spend billions more to have trained nurses monitor the health of babies of first time parents. Read article.

From Wall Street Journal: What makes Finnish kids so smart?

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Did you know?

Finland has one of the highest average IQs in the world.

Finnish school children do not start school until age 7.

There are no uniforms, few standardized tests, less homework than American kids get, and gifted and talented classes.

Finland spends less money per student than the United States. They average $7,500 per student. A grand less than the US average.

Notice how the Wall Street Journal publishes a bold faced lie, claiming that a funding disparity corresponds with a performance disparity in the US with rich white areas getting more money per student.

In the United States, Washington DC and St. Louis schools get over $12,000 per student. These schools are nearly all black. Despite being among the top funded public schools in the nation, performance is still at the bottom. If Washington DC was a state, it would be the worst performing in the nation.

By comparison, Missouri schools in poor white Ozark areas get less than half the funding that black schools in St. Louis and Kansas City receive. However, student performance at the poor white schools far surpasses the overfunded black schools.

In the past, has shown studies from Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois showing that in each state majority non-white schools receive substantially more money than majority white schools in the same state. This is a trend that is true all across the nation. Even though white people pay a disproportionately large amount of the tax revenue that provides the funding for the schools!

In Mississippi majority black public schools receive substantially more money per student than majority white schools and perform far worse. Majority white private academies receive substantially less money per student than any of the public schools, and perform even better still. Many of these schools operate on a budget of only $3,000 per student and receive no funding from taxes whatsoever due to discriminatory anti-white Federal court rulings. However, the white parents must still pay taxes to send the black children to better funded schools.

What the Wall Street Journal is actually saying is “Please oh please, don’t say it’s because of race. Please don’t tell us that white children naturally outperform black and Mestizo children. We’ll latch onto any wacky theory, publish any fabricated data, just please don’t say whites are smarter.”