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Obama: I'll approve these earmarks because my campaign promises don't kick in till next year. News Team

During the general election Obama joined McCain in pledging to do away with earmarks.

Today the US Senate voted 63-32 to keep the nearly 9,000 earmarks in the $410 Billion spending frenzy approved by the House.

Obama has stated that he eagerly awaits signing the bill with tens of billions in pork barrel projects intact.

So why is Obama already reneging on yet another major campaign promise? Well, the White House has issued a statement saying this bill doesn’t count. White House chief of staff Emanuel, who added a 9.5 Million Chicago planetarium project himself, said the bill is “left over from last year.”

After Obama signs this, which will be his second mega-pork filled deficit busting bill, he will then issue earmark “guidelines.” So after signing off on two years worth of pork in the first month and a half, Obama will make good on his campaign promise by issuing “guidelines” for future earmarks.