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Off to the Tarpits, Liberal Journalists!

The leftist media is all weepy today over the fall of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, one of the oldest in the country.  Liberal journalists delude themselves by blaming the economy, the internet, and a variety of other causes for the looming extinction of the daily newspaper. THEY NEVER BLAME THEMSELVES for being out of touch with the American mainstream. Liberal journalism has embraced every destructive social program from civil rights to immigration to queer marriage, and they simply express contempt for anyone who disagrees with their agenda.  Now journalism is feeling the pain.

The liberal press still is in denial.  The Post-Intelligencer is reemerging as an online paper. The cyber newspaper will find the world of online journalism considerably more competitive and brutal than a cozy office in a big glass building. They are in OUR world now, and we are better adapted.

Newspaper Death Watch.