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Police threaten woman for requesting white housemates. News Team

Where did freedom and liberty go?

Note: In 1958 the Supreme Court defended the NAACP saying that freedom of association was an essential part of the liberties guaranteed by the 1st Amendment and section 1 of the 14th Amendment. However, in 1976 the US Supreme Court reversed previous stands on freedom of association and suddenly decided that freedom of association had limits.  The 1976 Supreme Court decision broke the backs of white only private schools by declaring that freedom of association did not apply when Negroes were being excluded.

A 53 year old woman living by herself, decided she wanted to rent out her three spare bedrooms. She placed a sign on her own property which said “I rent three bedrooms [at her address to] white people Niagara Falls.”

Police came to her house and forced her to remove the sign, which the Buffalo News childishly called “racist sign.”

The woman told police that America was a free country, but to no avail. The woman also told police she decided to look for housemates after a man broke into her house.

What’s next? Will the police begin policing for people requesting white roomates? How about internet dating sites as well? Will “SWM seeking SWF” be a crime as well?