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"Ron Paul Girl" almost killed in brutal racially motivated assault. News Team

Aimee Allen, a professional singer who became an online sensation for her Ron Paul videos, was once nearly killed when three Mexican thugs attacked her with a crowbar in Los Angeles in June 2008.

Aimee broke the story today on the Alex Jones online internet show. She says that police told her the attackers were most likely illegal and did little if anything to investigate the brutal attack.

“I got violently assaulted and nearly beaten to death. They broke my jaw and severe blunt force trauma just really screwed me up.”

Aimee was leaving a recording studio in downtown LA, when the three Hispanic thugs attacked her at random. They were simply looking for a white person to attack.

Aimee is one of thousands of white women beaten, raped, or killed in racially motivated attacks every single year. The so-called “mainstream” media ignores this massive crime wave.

[youtube SBCKMTo210k]