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Senate resolution condemning criticism of Israel is tantamount to slander against Europeans. News Team

Senate resolution condemning criticism of Israel. by Kyle Rogers has received e-mails that the US Senate has a bill to outlaw freedom of speech by “banning antisemitism.” This has stemmed from a flurry of mass e-mails.

The information being passed around in some mass e-mails is incorrect. The bill is a non-binding resolution explicitly condemning criticism of the state of Israel. While it makes no attempt to actually ban any sort of speech within the United States, some of the language could be construed as having a “chilling effect” on free speech. It also calls on Hillary Clinton to make the “fight against Antisemitism as a foreign policy priority.”

The resolution is nothing more than a gratuitous “shout out” to the massive pro-Israel foreign lobby that provides about three and a half million per year in campaign donations to members of the House and Senate. In 2006 the Washington Post reported that “Pro-Israel interests have contributed $56.8 million in individual, group and soft money donations to federal candidates and party committees since 1990.”

The resolution is transparently disingenuous, because the sponsors are all people who had received huge amounts of money from pro-Israel lobbying groups. The resolution itself flies in the face of the words of George Washington to avoid foreign entanglements. The resolution does not simply praise Israel, it actual condemns criticism of the state of Israel.

There is something else, however, extremely sinister about the resolution. The resolution makes several references to “antisemitic attacks” in Europe. Of all of the politically and religiously motivated violence against Jews in Europe of the recent past, virtually all has been committed by fellow Semitic Arabs.

Calling the attacks “antisemitic” makes it sound like European Christians are attacking Jews and that is completely false. The attacks are Muslim Semites attacking Jewish Semites. The attacks are motivated by politics, not Semitic origin. The historical definition of “antisemitic” is someone who does not like people of Middle Eastern origin and included both Jewish and Muslim people.

The shameful resolution specifically mentions Spain, France, England, and Belgium as the sites of growing “antisemitic” attacks. There is not a single mention that the perpetrators are Muslim Semites and/or North African Muslims. Nor is there any mention that these perpetrators are immigrants.

Here is a thought. Why not condemn the people who actually conduct the attacks, instead of making purposely misleading statements to protect the perpetrators!