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SPLC/Media furious that some Vanderbilt students want to preserve Western Civilization. News Team

The radical Marxist SPLC has teamed up once again with the Tennessee “mainstream” media to vilify white conservatives and praise militant anti-white groups.

Just about a month ago, the Tennessee media was fuming about the CofCC for days. Their complaint was that the CofCC is successfull and draws important people to our meetings. How dare we!

Now they have aimed their sights on some Vanderbilt college students. They have formed a group called (gasp!) Youth for Western Civilization. The media and the SPLC claim that the name alone proves they are “racists!”

Just look at this trash piece by WBIR in Knoxville. Click Here.

How about this piece of Leninist propaganda from, click here. It claims that the CofCC and Youth for Western Civilization are “hate groups.” Yet it defends the militant anti-white National Council of La Raza as a “civil rights advocacy group.” La Raza by the way, means “the race.”

La Raza is a hardcore Marxist reconquista organization that funds college and high school groups called Chicano Students for Atzlan (MECHA). Atzlan is a future Chicano nation that La Raza envisions will be carved out of the current United States. The national symbol of La Raza funded MECHA is an eagle holding a stick of dynamite!