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State Sovereignty Movement, Update March 5th News Team

It has been brought to our attention that Utah passed a 10th Amendment/State Sovereignty Resolution, as well as followup “Proper Role of Government” Resolution in 1995. This brings the total number of states who took action in the 1990s to four.

A 10th Amendment/State Sovereignty Resolution was killed by a committee chairman in the Washington House of Representatives. The resolution has seven sponsors.

A 10th Amendment Resolution has been introduced into the Virginia House and it has 14 sponsors.

The 10th Amendment Resolution in the Minnesota House has gained many new sponsors. It is now at 32! Click Here.

A Resolution has been introduced into the New Mexico House, but it only has one sponsor. Click Here.

The Score Card

Moving Ahead(4)

AZ: Passed a House Committee
OK: Passed the House
MT: Passed the House
SC: Passed House and Senate subcommittee


AR: Defeated by House Committee
NH: Defeated by House
WA: Killed by House Committee Chairman

Coming down the pipeline. (At least eight confirmed bills)

Michigan(Very Strong Support)
Minnesota(Very Strong Support Among Republicans)
New Mexico
South Dakota(Very Strong Support)
Texas(Very Strong Support Among Republicans)
West Virginia

Michigan and South Dakota appear to be the two on the list that are most likely to move forward.

Note: There may be more. Numerous mass e-mails have claimed more states, but some of the information we have found to be either wrong or unverifiable.

Georgia introduced a resolution in 1995 that did not go anywhere. We can not find any information that a new resolution has been introduced in Georgia for this legislative session. In Hawaii resolutions have been proposed for greater autonomy of indigenous Hawaiian natives. We have not found one that is actually affirming state sovereignty.