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State Sovereignty Resolutions suffer setback in AR & NH News Team

Today 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Resolutions were killed by the New Hampshire House and an Arkansas House committee. The NH House voted 60% to 40% against the resolution, while the Arkansas House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee voted 10-8 to kill it.

Supporters of the resolution booed the NH legislature from the gallery. Hundreds of people showed up to support the resolution. Many feel that New Hampshire has been significantly changed by immigration from the New York City area, and is no longer the same state that once gave Pat Buchanan a presidential primary victory. The New Hampshire version of the resolution was one of the most strongly worded of any, however it only had 4 sponsors in the NH House. It is possible that author Rep. Itse over-played his hand adding such strong language to the resolution.

Arkansas Article.

New Hampshire Article.

However, the struggle continues. Similar resolutions have passed the South Carolina House and Oklahoma House this year. The Montana House passed a bill invoking the 10th Amendment as justification for voiding Federal gun laws in Montana.

Rehash of action so far.

OK House Resolution passed, voted 83-13!
SC House Resolution passed with 37 sponsors! (final vote unknown).
SC Senate Subcommittee voted 4-1 to send it to full Judiciary Committee for vote yesterday.
AZ House Committee voted 6-3 to send it to the full House for vote.
MT 10th Amendment/State Sovereignty Gun Rights Bill, passed in MT House 64-36!

CofCC Director Col. Robert Slimp, who spoke at the South Carolina Senate subcommittee hearing, says he expects the SC Senate to pass their version of the resolution within ten days. Then the SC state legislature will have to decide which version to send to the Governor in a joint session. South Carolina’s Mark Sanford is expected to sign it.

Five new states have seen 10th Amendment State Sovereignty resolutions introduced into their legislative bodies in the past week or so. Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia.

Tennessee – HJR 108 has 20 sponsors!

Kansas – Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1609

Kentucky – House Concurrent Resolution 168, 9 sponsors.

The Staff of has analyzed the support of different resolutions in various legislative bodies. We feel it is extremely likely that resolutions or bills declaring state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment will be passed by both houses of legislature in AZ, MT, OK, and SC by the end of the current legislative session. Another state that has very strong support is Michigan.

AR and NH will have to wait until next year and try again.