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The $24 Million LA Gang Initiative.

From Watch Video Online.

Los Angeles, CA Full Disclosure Network® latest Gang Series provides a comprehensive exposé of the successes and failures of gang programs across the nation starting with the City of Los Angeles. Full Disclosure® host Leslie Dutton interviewed major players in the L.A. Gang Wars revealing Mayor Villaraigosa’s new multi-million dollar ideas being promulgated by his new Deputy Mayor Reverend Jeff Carr. Here is a preview of the first three parts in the series. Covering the latest $24 million strategy called the “Gang Reduction and Youth Development program.

Featured in this ten minute preview, the following experts:

  • David R. Hernandez, Los Angeles civic activist who says this new program is doomed to failure because the officials are ignoring or concealing an all-out race war between local gangs.
  • L.A. Deputy Mayor Reverend Jeff Carr, the Mayor’s new “Gang Czar” is planning to augment the current suppression effort by law enforcement with Mayor Villaraigosa’s two prong strategy, prevention and intervention using gang members who he feels can be “redeemed”.
  • Sgt. Richard Valdemar, a 32 year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department who is an International Gang specialist predicts that the use of gang members to intervene during gang violence is absurd.