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The Founding Fathers Invite You to a Tea Party

Get your income taxes done and mailed early so that April 15th is available for something important.

While you are still in a foul mood from paying your taxes to support a new government and people who don’t deserve your financial assistance, join thousands at hundreds of protests across the country on Tax Day April 15th.

If you missed the various Tea Parties around the country in February, here is your chance to show your outrage at the incredibly wasteful spending approved by the long term politicians in Washington, D.C. as well as the new Socialist agenda coming down directly from the Oval Office.

You can locate events already planned in your own state and possibly find people organizing more of them in your own area. If you can’t find one in your area, maybe you can still get one started.

Word is coming out that some local governments are trying to deny the right of peaceful assembly to Tea Party organizers by imposing as many regulations on their events as they can in an effort to stop them. The same local governments may allow similar potentially violent left wing events with impunity. Television and press coverage has been minimal compared to leftist events by Obama’s sycophants. They must be running scared if they think conservatives are finally fed up enough to turn out in large numbers. Let’s help their fears be realized.

The main national link:

Michelle Malkin’s coverage of events:

Newt Gingrich has partnered with the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition:

The forum for information on