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The mother of hate crime hoaxes continues. News Team

The media continues to shamelessly insult the memory of the Columbine victims by falsifying information about the killers. by Kyle Rogers

After the horrific Columbine Killings, the media immediately engaged in shameless falsifications of the facts. The left-wing media wanted to exploit the horror for their own purpose. First to vilify firearms, and secondly to vilify people that the media doesn’t like.

The media claimed that the Columbine killers were “racists,” “white supremacists,” and “neo-nazis.” These are terms that left-wing newspapers heap on people they disagree with. However, in this case the media used these terms to falsely associate the Columbine Killers with everyone else whom they had previously denounced with the same terminology.

We soon found out that nothing could be further from the truth. One of the killers, Klebold, was from a practicing Jewish family. However the fact that Klebold is Jewish does not stop the media fabricators. A brand new Reuters articles that came out just the other day claims that Klebold was a “Jewish Neo-Nazi.” The Reuters article contained other fabrications as well.

Columbine killer Harris stated on his website that he wanted to “rip the arms off racists, and Neo Nazis.”

The pair also wore makeup and held hands in school. In their own writings their described themselves as “anti-racists” and that they “hate racists.”

Some media outlets falsely reported that the date of the massacre was set to commemorate WACO. Other falsely reported that the date was to commemorate Hitler’s Birthday. The actual reason for picking the date was that it was the date their favorite band was set to break up. The bands is KMFDF, which is an acronym for “no mercy for the masses” in German. The band sings violent, nihilistic lyrics, and is most definately left-wing.

In fact, in 1995 KMFDF singer/songwriter Konietzko stated “It’s pretty obvious that KMFDM is a very left-wing band.”

KMFDF was also the favorite band of the recent school shooter in Finland.

So the Columbine killers exhibited homosexual behavior, listened to violent left-wing music, and in their own writing said they “hate racists.” This has not slowed down the media from making false and outlandish claims.

The two were members of a cliche at school that called themselves the “trench coat mafia.” The group was widely identified as homosexuals by other students. 

Years after the killings, more details came out about the so-called “basement tapes” held by the Sheriffs Department. The killers made several video and audio recordings of themselves. In their own words, the killers hated Christians and women in particular. While excerpts from the tapes can be found online, the complete tapes were sealed by a judge for twenty years. The pair make comments on the tapes that Hollywood directors would fight over who got to make a movie about them.

They expressed a desire to kill “Christian God Loving Whores.” Klebold said “I am glad we killed Christ” and Dylan says “I will shoot the Christian girls in the head.”

The so-called “mainstream” media never mentions that the primary target of the Columbine Killers were “Christians” and secondly “Christian women.” They never mention the obvious homosexual overtones in their behavior and motivations.