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The war against the innocent victims of the Knoxville Horror. News Team

Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were the victims of one of the most horrific and disgusting racially motivated killings in US history. They were abducted, Chris was gang raped, sexually tortured, killed and mutilated. Channon was forced to watch then taken to one of the perpetrators’ houses. There she was gang raped over and over, sexually tortured, killed, and her body completely mutilated.

The killers targeted them solely because they were white. Had the races been reversed this would have been the #1 news story in the world. You would have seen it on CNN for months on end.

Instead the media suppressed the story. Many news outlets outright lied about the murders, claiming that some of the details were “racist rumors.” Websites like were attacked as “racist” for even talking about the case. Then the autopsy reports came out and proved that all the so-called “racist rumors” were factual after all.

Now the parents complain that they have to deal with accusations that Channon and Newson “were in a bad neighborhood.” They should not have “been driving in a bad neighborhood. As if driving in a “bad neighborhood” is justification to be gang raped, tortured, and murdered. Not to mention that they were abducted in a completely different area and then taken to a “bad area.”

Of course “bad neighborhood” is just liberal/media code for a black neighborhood.

From WVLT – Knoxville

Channon’s mother recalled one of the specific statements which claimed the young couple was in the wrong part of town the night they were carjacked.

“Well if they were down there riding around, then they got what was coming to them,” she said, paraphrasing what she recalled from the comment.

Similar comments and rumors are why the Christian family feel it’s necessary to defend their daughter’s honor. On Thursday night they began clearing up some of the thing’s they’ve read on the internet about what happened.

“My daughter and Chris were not riding around in a bad place and got carjacked,” Gary said. “They were taken to Chipman Street by force.”

Police quickly determined during their investigation that the couple was carjacked near Knoxville Center Mall and Washington Ridge Apartment complex. The apartment complex is located a little more than three miles and about 10 minutes by car from Chipman Street.

Channon’s parents have also been bothered by rumors that she was in the Chipman Street area looking for drugs. Gary decided to quash it by obtaining Channon’s drug test results from her former healthcare employer as well as her autopsy results.

Gary obtained Channon’s drug test results from her former employer, a healthcare company as well as the medical examiner’s toxicology report which was conducted during her autopsy.

“She had taken no prescription or non-prescription drugs,” he said. “No marijuana, no cocaine, no ecstasy, no nothing.”

These are the savage animals arrested for the killings.