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Wall Street Journal reports that rap music is the favorite of the least intelligent. Investigates.

Photo Right: Virgil Griffith

People who report rap stars as their favorite music scored the lowest on the SATs, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Virgil Griffith is a famous and controversial computer “hacker”/programmer who designed wikiscanner. It is a program that allows users to see who is editing Wikipedia, the massive online encyclopedia that anyone can help edit. Griffith became famous for proving that several US Congressmen, the CIA, and the Vatican were editing their own entries to create more flattering entries.

His newest project is to collect information from the college student social networking site facebook to associate interests with SAT scores.

His first project associated books with scores. He lists specific books and tells which of twelve categories they fall in. Most of the lowest scoring books are either in the African American category, or they are in the “Erotica” category but written for blacks.

The lowest scoring books are by Zane, an author who wrote “African American Erotica.” Of the 12 lowest performing books, 9 are aimed at blacks. For one book people used the term “The Holy Bible” instead of “The Bible.” For some reason, people who listed “The Bible” as a favorite book scored much higher on the SATs than people who listed “The Holy Bible.” The Book of Mormon scored even higher.

Griffith’s newest study associates music with SAT scores. Griffith’s website is down right now, so we couldn’t see the whole list. However the Wall Street Journal reports that Beethoven and Counting Crows are associated with the highest scores, while rap stars Lil Wayne and Ludacris are at the bottom.

By the way. During the presidential primaries, Obama identified rapper Ludacris as one of his favorite bands!

Photo Bottom Left: Obama with rapper Ludacris, Obama stated that Ludacris is a “great talent” during the presidential primary. Photo Bottom Right: An actual Ludacris album cover. People who reported listening to Ludacris were among the lowest scorers on the SAT.