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What is Uhuru? News Team

What is Uhuru and why has the “mainstream” media been hiding this group from you?

The so-called “Uhuru Movement” is known by multiple names, most commonly as the African People’s Socialist Party(APSP) or Uhuru. It is the group that organized a march and rally in Oakland celebrating the monster who murdered four police officers and is the prime suspect in another murder and the rape of a 12 year old girl.

Photo Right: Thugs attack police during 1996 St. Petersburg, Florida race riots. Uhuru claimed responsibility for wounding numerous police officers with “bricks, bottles, guns, and molotov cocktails.” Uhuru calls the violent race riots a “righteous rebellion” and claims that 35 stores owned by “parasitic merchants” were burned down.

Uhuru/APSP is one of several extremely militant anti-white groups thriving in black communities across the United States. Uhuru openly celebrates violence against white police and authority figures. They also denounce Obama as a tool of the “white power establishment.”

The group is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and actively holds rallies and demonstrations in about a dozen cities. The leader goes by the name “Chairman Omali Yeshitela.” The group claims a kinship with ZANU, the political party of violent Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe. It also claims to be allied with “revolutionary forces” in South Africa and other nations. Uhuru calls itself the “American front of the international African liberation movement.”

Uhuru has multiple wings. The main wing appears to be the African People’s Socialist Party. Secondly there is the African Socialist International (ASI), which claims to be fostering cooperation between violent groups in Africa and the Caribbean. Then there is the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), which is the name used during most of the public rallies and demonstrations. Uhuru also lists several other groups with acronyms, however they all appear to be the same group. The group even lists a separate African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) auxiliary for radical left-wing “white people who support African liberation.”

Uhuru calls for the creation of an armed “African Liberation Amy” on US soil. It is easy to see from the groups rhetoric that they envision a violent race war in the US in the near future.

Uhuru is large enough that it runs it’s own office building in St. Petersburg, Florida complete with a giant “black liberation” flag. So why haven’t you ever heard of it on the news before?