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What Oakland blacks call a "political prisoner." News Team

Photo Right: A black newspaper called the Bay View celebrated the murder of four white police officers and actually published this mockup that compares the murderer to Barack Obama.

The brutal monster who murdered four white police officers is being celebrated as a hero among many blacks living in Oakland. Lovelle Mixon spent most of his adult in prison, but area blacks say he was just a “political prisoner.”

One black power website proudly states that Mixon was “previously incarcerated as a political prisoner and was pursued by police with an illegal warrant.” dug up some information on his criminal record.

Mixon had been linked by DNA to the rape of a twelve year old girl who was abducted off the street near his sister’s apartment. The twelve year old girl had already helped police make a sketch, which closely resembles Mixon. Police believe he may have been responsible for as many as four similar rapes that occurred in the same neighborhood. The victims were all attacked from behind, drug off the street, raped, and sodomized.

Mixon was the prime suspect in a murder, but had not been charged yet due to a lack of evidence.

Mixon had been convicted of carjacking, selling cocaine, forgery, identity theft, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, and more.

But for a large percentage of blacks living in Oakland, their desire to see white police officers being murdered trumps everything else. Even though DNA evidence proves Mixon raped and sodomized a 12 year old black girl, it doesn’t matter. He is their “hero” for killing white people.

Even black people who aren’t calling Mixon a hero are still finding ways to blame white people for his crimes. According to New American Media, a black news website, Mixon was just a minor criminal who was transformed into a killer by the prison system. The website blames Mixon’s parole officer for disrespecting Mixon and thus causing him to murder four white people. It claims that black parolees can’t properly integrate back into society because white parole officers won’t give them any respect.

Another black power website states “a white boy would have been sent to rehab for the same crimes but a black man goes to prison.”