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Another interracial love story ends in murder. News Team

Photo: Kaitlyn Finnegan of Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The latest victim of interracial dating.

“Femicide,” the murder of woman by a current or former boyfriend/husband is a leading cause of death for young black women. Black women are over eights times more likely to be beaten and/or murdered by a significant other. Femicide and death from HIV/AIDS are the two leading causes of death for young black women. These causes are primarily responsible for the death rate of young black females ages 25-34, being three times higher than that of white females in the same age group. Read Article.

White women who begin dating a black man immediately put themselves in the same high risk category. They instantly become over 8 times more likely to be beaten or murdered, and over 14 times more likely to be exposed to HIV/AIDS.

Hollywood movies and tv shows glorify white/black interracial relationships. receives e-mails weekly about the end results of interracial dating in the real world.