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AP hides rash of savage racially motivated attacks on whites in Iowa City. News Team

Did you know? Iowa has the highest black murder rate of any state. 13 times higher than the national white average.

There has been a rash of racially motivated attacks on white pedestrians in Iowa City, and the local media doesn’t want you to know about them.

AP deliberately omits race in report on “surge” of attacks.

_On March 27, a college-aged man was assaulted at about 2 a.m. downtown. Witnesses said six to 10 men ganged up on him, and when another man tried to intervene, he too was knocked unconscious. Police say the assailants then ran along a downtown street, punching other men as they passed.

_On April 2, a 22-year-old man was smoking outside a downtown bar when six men approached him and asked for cigarettes. As he was handing them out, the men knocked him to the ground and took the whole pack. Later, the same man walked past a group of men who knocked him to the ground and stole his watch.

_On April 6, a man woke up to bystanders helping him sit up. The man told police someone he didn’t know knocked him unconscious. He didn’t realize his jaw was broken until a hospital visit the next afternoon.

_On April 16, two college-age men stepped outside a bar to smoke at about 1:15 a.m. After an argument with others, one of the men was pushed to the ground, then kicked and punched by several people. He suffered a broken nose and a head cut requiring staples to close. has been informed by a local resident that these are all black on white attacks. Why won’t the media admit that these are racially motivated attacks? The media would rather put the entire public at risk, than accurately report a story on black crime!

[ed – When I was in college, our required orientation class told us that local “gang members” would attack college students in large numbers as “gang initiations.” Of course we all knew that this was liberal University code for “large groups of blacks attack lone white people.” The University gave us a map of areas to avoid, because of attacks. To the south and southeast were neighborhoods that were about 90% black. In every other direction were neighborhoods made up of students and/or 90% white. Only the black neighborhoods were marked as places to avoid.]