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Asper family controlled CanWest defames Tea Parties. News Team

We have been bringing you news about the economic woes of Canada’s radical left-wing media empire CanWest. Founded by left-wing politician Israel Asper and run by his three children, CanWest is Canada’s largest media conglomerate. CanWest is notorious for mandating an extreme left-wing editorial bias, and even firing newspaper staff who fail to comply.

Here is the official CanWest report of the Tea Parties from the CanWest News Wire.

A Fox News-hyped U. S. anti-tax movement has failed to bring about the “popular uprising” its creators had hoped for.

The day of “tea parties,” pushed by Republican operatives and partisan advocacy groups such as FreedomWorks, which sought to protest U. S. President Barack Obama government’s tax and stimulus policies by encouraging people to”wave tea bags,” brought about only a few hundred “tea-baggers” in most parts of the U. S., despite relentless promotion by Fox News TV hosts.

Participants had hoped to rally hundreds of thousands of people to begin a grassroots movement that would force Obama to change government policy. But the turnout was far from what was hoped for, especially compared to the 2006 immigrants’ rights rallies or the 2004 pro-choice march on Washington, both of which attracted millions.

Notice that CanWest grossly underestimates the Tea Parties, and grossly exaggerates past left-wing rallies.

Fortunately CanWest’s newspaper empire is losing Millions of dollars per day. Let’s hope the Aspers are out of the media business in the near future.