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Black thugs beat disabled white man. News Team

More and more white people are terrified to use the public transportation that their tax dollars subsidize for fear of being the victim of a racially motivated attack.

As a disabled white man waited for the public bus in Seattle, a wolf-pack of black thugs pounced on him. The left-wing Seattle media is downplaying the attack by claiming the disabled man provoked the attack by asking one of the thugs to stop screaming.

In reality, they were just simply looking for a white person to beat. Some of the other white victims of racially motivated attacks at bus stops have included women and elderly. These thugs just want to beat on people.

The disabled man had several broken bones and had to have his jaw wired shut. He is lucky to be alive. You can bet that the perpetrators will be slapped on the wrist and released to go commit similar, or even worse, crimes against other people.

The victim was a double amputee that used two prosthetic legs.