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Blacks rally around Duke Lacross Hoaxer. News Team

On April 14th, violent Marxists interrupted a planned speech by former US congressman Tom Tancredo.

Now the infamous stripper/prostitute involved in the infamous Duke Lacross gang rape hoax, is scheduled to speak at a radical anti-white event at the same University.

A group of black fraternities and sororities will have Crystal Gail Mangum as a guest speaker at an event they say will highlight “harsh realities of minority treatment both in the justice system and the media.”

In other words, it will be an anti-white hate fest where each speaker will claim that black criminal thugs are victims of the white media and judicial system. Even though the reality is that blacks get special treatment and are babied by the media and judicial system.

Despite having a black president, black screams of “racism” and mistreatment are getting more absurd and shrill by the day.

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