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Congratulations International Left-wing! News Team

Thanks to decades of agitation and meddling by international leftists, the total destruction of South Africa as a viable nation is complete. The ANC scored a landslide victory which means Jacob Zuma should be the nation’s next president.

Zuma’s campaign song is “bring me my machine gun.” He is a violent polygamist and rapist. He was put on trial two years ago for raping an HIV+ girl. He told the court that because of the length of the woman’s dress, it would have been “ungentlemanly” not to rape her. He said he was not worried about catching HIV, because he always takes a bath after sex.

A violent mob formed outside the courthouse and threatened to lynch any member of the panel of judges who found Zuma guilty. Facing the mob, the judges immediately declared him not guilty and the girl was then taken from South Africa to the Netherlands by white charity workers so she would not be lynched.

Now Zuma will rule South Africa. Left-wing whites in North America and Europe only have themselves to blame for the success of this violent monster, who will likely bring civil war between the Zulu and Xhosa tribes.

The ANC came in first place in eight out of South Africa’s nine provinces. In Western Cape province, Xhosa and urbanized Negroes without tribal affiliation defected from the ANC and voted for other parties.

The Zulu represent South Africa’s largest ethnic group and were largely opposed to the ANC under Apartheid. The Swazi and Lesothe tribes had been given their own independant homelands. The Zulu were to receive the Zulu-Natal as an independent homeland country. The ANC under Mandela refused to let them leave.

Bloody battles between Zulu and ANC-allied militias took place. Many Zulu were “necklaced” for “collaborating with the white man.” The practice of “necklacing,” which was publicly endorsed by Winnie Mandela, is the placing of a gasoline-soaked tire over a victims neck and then setting fire to it.

Now the Zulu have joined the ANC en masse and the Xhosa and urbanized Negroes, who were once the backbone of the ANC, are leaving. There has been a sharp increase in violence between Zulu and Xhosa over the past year. The Zulu and Xhosa both have committed wanton violence against illegal immigrants from other African nations over the past year as well.