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Dateline anti-gun special puts spotlight on black crime. News Team

Dateline just ran an hour long grossly misleading anti-gun propaganda special. However it did highlight the issue of astronomical black crime.

When Dateline looked around for a city with high gun crime, it is no surprise they chose Pahokee, Florida. Pahokee is nearly 90% non-white.

Dateline went to Pahokee Elementary where the show claimed that a staggering 40% of the elementary students have witnessed a shooting. Would you be surprised to learn that the school is listed as being 98% non-white (mostly black), 89% of the student body on free lunch?

Local police told Dateline that when witnesses come forward in a shooting, they refuse to testify in court. In fact Pahokee has killers walking around free, whom the local police know committed a murder.

Then Dateline interviews black thugs who freely brandish illegally purchased firearms.

According to the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice statistics, blacks are nine times more likely to commit murder than whites. Between 1976-2005, blacks averaged 13% of the US population but committed 59% of all felony murders!

Is gun control the answer? In Jamaica it is a felony just to own a bullet. However Kingston, Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the Western Hemisphere. Is it really a gun problem?